Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seriously - Improvising

When we moved to the Seattle area, we were told that there was rarely ever any snow.  We don't even own a regular shovel yet, let alone a snow shovel... SO... when we woke up to a small drift over our front porch we used what was available to get the job done.  (If you can't tell from my scratchy drawing --- that is a pampered chef pancake turner)
It is also nice to find a use for those plastic membership cards that seem to only take up space in my wallet.  I guess they do have some value.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Seriously - Whose Bed is it Anyway!

Whose Bed is it Anyway!

Once again... this really happened.  We ended  up with more kids and bears in our bed than space.  I counted the bears in the morning when I got up and  - no joke -  there were 10 of them.  The biggest mystery was how in the heck Tamsyn carried them all there at one time when she groped her way to our room in the middle of the night?
And yes, Trey really does sleep like that if we bring him to our bed.