Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Primary Program

Ummm -- yes that is Tamsyn dropping beads on Trey's head.  She got Ashley M. to conspire with her and they stayed occupied that way for at least 20 minutes of the primary sacrament program.  The beads were tiny and she had gathered them from off of Natasha's dress. 

Trey was trying so hard to stay reverent, even amidst being a four year old and being poked on occasion by his neighbor.  He never even noticed that he was getting attacked from above too. He held still very well until the last 5 or 10 minutes and then just had to get his wiggles out too.  I was trying my best to give Tamsyn "the eye" from the congregation, but for some reason she wouldn't look at me.  Luckily there are around 100 kids in our primary so I don't think too many people noticed.

 (added later)  I forgot to mention that Dantley also managed to get a goose egg on the side of his forehead right before the program started.  He bashed his head against the wooden hymnal holder and had an instant bump.  Bad enough that the lady sitting next to us sent her husband to get some ice.