Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Guest Seriously - Kindergarten Orientation

If you name your son Chase, don't expect to get much rest... 
from laughing anyway.

My friend Shalyn told me these funny stories about her witty little kindergartner.
I just had to sketch them...

Chase meeting his kindergarten teacher for the first time - otherwise known as Kindergarten Orientation.

Chase - "I don't know how, I just know there is a "C" and an "H"
Teacher - "Can you write those letters then?"

Mom - "Chase, He is at work??"

Now... Don't you want to name your next child Chase -- just hoping that even a glimmer of that cuteness will come out in him?  Seriously -- I love that he gave his mom a "Rock-On" so she wouldn't cry. 

Thanks for the material Sha!

Monday, September 12, 2011

No Drawings Necessary

GOOD IDEA - Walking to church on a beautiful Sunday morning

 BAD IDEA - Wearing shoes that I haven't taken out of the closet for at least 5 years

I guess when you only shop at the "high end" places like I do -- you don't get the kind of quality that can stand the test of time.  These shoes started crumbling about a quarter of a mile into our walk and it just kept getting worse with each step.  At first I thought that the straps were just going to pop, and then it looked like I had a flat tire-- finally the heal came crumbling off and all we could do was laugh as I crossed the road hobbling to the stake center.

So if you saw me barefoot at stake conference... 
Yup - you now understand.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Three Reasons I Haven't Posted in a While...

As always these pictures are 100% pure truth -- 
Only a few messes, dishes, spills and laundry piles were left out to protect the innocent... 
or maybe just because I was feeling too exhausted to clean them all up let alone draw them all.

Excuses are lame I know -- but soggy cat food puts me in a seriously bad mood.