Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seriously - Piranha Latching

I must admit that even though I could be described as anyone of the following objects at any given time of day ... It is wonderful to not be pregnant anymore... and it is even more wonderful to have baby D around.

So ... what does a dear sweet baby who sleeps most of the time 

and is angelic even when he is screaming.... have to do with...

a flesh-eating South American fish??

Good thing that the piranha only lasts a few brief seconds and that the other 99.97% of the time I am not cringing and feeling sympathy for all of the dairy animals of the world...
but am back to staring with awe at this beautiful new life who is already bringing so much joy to our family. 

I also am blessed with the experience to know that this will pass before I know it... maybe even before I get around to posting this Seriously

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Seriously - Pregnancy's Little Trick

I think the last few weeks of pregnancy are really a mean little trick into convincing a soon to be mom that anything would be better than the present condition.... I mean really -- what else could make a woman look forward to the torture of labor and delivery and make her blind to the fact that taking care of a baby on the outside will be much more difficult than having him on the inside?

I am at that point -- my body is so sick and tired of being pregnant, that child birth doesn't seem so terrible and sleepless nights with a crying baby almost sound pleasant.

Here are a few reasons why --

1- Heartburn, acid, pressure and breathing discomfort
2- Not being able to put on my tennis shoes without extreme stretching to the point of pain and resolving to wear flip flops whenever possible. (I must add that trying to put on nylons may be 5 times worse... and getting shin guards and cleats on little feet is not so much of a party either).
3- Always having something-or-other making itself at home on my protruding belly

4- My kids have always seemed to think that I am a human jungle gym... but it is much worse now that I look like a bouncy house too... ouch!

5 - Having to waddle like a duck -- especially after sitting still in one position for a long period of time.... it gives you a whole new understanding of Newton's Laws of motion... once in motion it is easier to stay at motion... but an object at rest would prefer to stay that way.

6 - And though one of my favorite animals is a tiger... and I have always been fascinated by the beauty of a zebra's stripes.... somehow the eerily similar patterns of stretch marks just don't add the same type of natural beauty to my abdomen as they do in the wild.
And on top of all these (along with many others that I am sure I left off the list) there are the relentless Braxton Hicks (and why in the heck are they named that anyway?) contractions playing with your mind, an overall tired, grumpy and downright uncomfortable feeling of hugeness that just starts to eat at you....
So --- bring on the next stage of fun already please!

And just FYI -- I had a Doctor's appointment today and she stripped my membranes.... so hopefully it will be soon.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Seriously - I think it is time for a King Size

Tossing and turning uncomfortably, but finally asleep. (Jake was asleep the second his head hit the pillow).

Off to the bathroom

What the Heck!

A few shoves later and I have my spot back.

Off to the bathroom again!

Seriously Jake! I was only gone for a couple minutes.
A pull and a tug and a few more shoves and I have the human burrito unwrapped and can fit back in bed....

This extremely fun cycle will continue every hour to hour and a half, until Jake gets up around 5:30 am to get ready for work....

And finally I can get a little rest!
Well -- at least until one of the kids comes in sometime in the next hour to wake me up.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seriously - So that is why there is no room in my brain

That must be my problem too.... Way too many songs in my head from over the years... so no room for much of the other stuff that I learned along the way... but hey, I will challenge about anyone to a game of 50's and 60's mixed with 70's and 80's Songburst.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Seriously - The Dirtiest and Scariest...

Moments in Alaska both involved Tamsyn's and Her Pants

This is just one of the many not-so-clean moments involving mud, ashes, fish slime, bodily functions, or anything else you can possible get on your clothes when you are 5. Let's just say that I ended up doing laundry more often than I had hoped.

And the following was by far the most tense moment...
Luckily nothing was harmed except the pants.
It happened at the airport right before we were going to be heading home.

After checking into our flight, Grandma wanted to take the kids downstairs to see a stuffed bear, as Tamsyn was stepping off the escalator (and yes she was holding grandma's hand), the back hem of her brown sweat pants got caught in the teeth of the escalator. Thankfully no skin was involved, and both Grandma and Grandpa quickly went to push the emergency stop buttons. I think Grandma figured out how to push it first. Jake and I were waiting with the luggage upstairs and knew something was going on when we saw grandpa Bill take off running. I went to look over and saw Tamsyn stuck at the bottom but was relieved that it wasn't worse. In the meantime, Natasha helped Tamsyn out of her pants while the escalator was still moving and then pulled her jacket down over her legs so she would be covered up. It took some flagging down, but a janitor called the mechanic and an airport police officer came over as well, he even took a report. Tamsyn's pants had lots of holes and grease on them, but luckily we had a spare pair in our carry-on bag. It was a nerve racking way to end our vacation, but we were relieved that everything turned out fine. Now whenever she gets on an escalator she pulls her pants up to her knees.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seriously - Why I don't like to take my kids with me for my pregnancy check up


Last week I ended up taking Tamsyn and Trey with me to the doctor (I am now 17 weeks along for anyone who wonders). Jake had a call right when my appointment was scheduled, but promised to head over as soon as it was over. I figured the office would be running behind, so he would make it in plenty of time.

Well, things went faster than I expected... which of course, made things very interesting.

The urine sample wasn't near as bad as the room they put us in to wait for the doctor. Seriously, they both asked questions for 10 minutes straight.... Finally Jake arrived and took them outside for walk.

Here are some snippets of my conversation with these two little inquisitive people.

"Mom, did Trey come out the way that picture shows?"
"Did I come out like that?"
"Well, this baby better not get too big, or it won't fit!"

"Is that water all around the baby?"

"What is that gross thing (referring to the drawing of the afterbirth)... it looks like a brain"

I tried to keep them focused on the pictures of how the baby grows... but wasn't too successful.

Tamsyn wanted to know what every single picture was. When I told her I didn't know for sure on some of them (for lack of a better answer)...
She said.."Well there are words mom, why don't you just read it!"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Seriously - Every Morning

Every single day -- and I mean every single day... Trey and Tamsyn fight over who gets to sit by the plant during breakfast. You would think the plant would feel pretty special, but no, it is slowly getting brown spots and is just as tired of the fighting as Natasha and I are.

After the squabble over the beloved spot next to the plant there is a similar battle over who gets to say the blessing. Trey usually wins, and if he doesn't he usually wants to say two prayers. The other day I had to laugh when I noticed how Tamsyn was prompting him...
I am sure there will come a day when the kids are arguing because they don't want to say it -- So I guess for now I should enjoy their over eagerness.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Seriously - Dinner Converstation

"A mate!" Jake and I about died... Where Natasha got that -- I seriously have no idea!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Seriously - Signs

A few signs I see around make me laugh --

Stating the Obvious

Umm-- maybe their definition of DRY is different than mine...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seriously - I hope this ends soon

Trey's newest phase that is making me go grayer and Jake lose what little bit
of hair he has left --

He seriously has to be FIRST at everything. He says things like "let me win" and if he isn't first at something he makes us walk back to the beginning so we can start over and he can be first. We have had to walk back up the street, get back in the car, go back in the house and back out again all to avoid his huge tantrums.

We are finally starting to realize if we negotiate early, he sometimes will allow his sisters to have a turn being first at things, but if we don't plan ahead it is an all out battle. I want him to be competitive and have a desire to be his best -- but, hopefully he'll learn sooner than later that being the "first" to do something or get somewhere, doesn't make you the best, and that every detail of the day isn't a contest to be won.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Seriously - Times Two

Seriously -- What Did You Put in Your Pocket?!

Me --"Tamsyn, good job eating your noodles.... Do you want me to get you some cherries now?"

I guess she was worried Natasha would eat them all before she finished her noodles... so she stashed a bunch in her pockets. At least when she snuck them she was planning on waiting to eat them until after she did as she was asked.

Jake told her that cherries in her pockets maybe wasn't a good idea. And that next time if she was worried about them disappearing, we'd gladly save her some in a bowl.


Natasha decided that this moment was funny and since I wasn't going to sketch it... she was.

Seriously - Trey is a big boy -- SOME days

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Seriously - Party Suit

When Tamsyn said this Jake, Natasha and I all started laughing.
I said - "'Was Trey born in his diaper!?"
And Jake said - "Ummm -- Tamsyn, I think what you meant to say was "birthday suit."