Thursday, September 2, 2010

Seriously - The Dirtiest and Scariest...

Moments in Alaska both involved Tamsyn's and Her Pants

This is just one of the many not-so-clean moments involving mud, ashes, fish slime, bodily functions, or anything else you can possible get on your clothes when you are 5. Let's just say that I ended up doing laundry more often than I had hoped.

And the following was by far the most tense moment...
Luckily nothing was harmed except the pants.
It happened at the airport right before we were going to be heading home.

After checking into our flight, Grandma wanted to take the kids downstairs to see a stuffed bear, as Tamsyn was stepping off the escalator (and yes she was holding grandma's hand), the back hem of her brown sweat pants got caught in the teeth of the escalator. Thankfully no skin was involved, and both Grandma and Grandpa quickly went to push the emergency stop buttons. I think Grandma figured out how to push it first. Jake and I were waiting with the luggage upstairs and knew something was going on when we saw grandpa Bill take off running. I went to look over and saw Tamsyn stuck at the bottom but was relieved that it wasn't worse. In the meantime, Natasha helped Tamsyn out of her pants while the escalator was still moving and then pulled her jacket down over her legs so she would be covered up. It took some flagging down, but a janitor called the mechanic and an airport police officer came over as well, he even took a report. Tamsyn's pants had lots of holes and grease on them, but luckily we had a spare pair in our carry-on bag. It was a nerve racking way to end our vacation, but we were relieved that everything turned out fine. Now whenever she gets on an escalator she pulls her pants up to her knees.

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