Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seriously - Piranha Latching

I must admit that even though I could be described as anyone of the following objects at any given time of day ... It is wonderful to not be pregnant anymore... and it is even more wonderful to have baby D around.

So ... what does a dear sweet baby who sleeps most of the time 

and is angelic even when he is screaming.... have to do with...

a flesh-eating South American fish??

Good thing that the piranha only lasts a few brief seconds and that the other 99.97% of the time I am not cringing and feeling sympathy for all of the dairy animals of the world...
but am back to staring with awe at this beautiful new life who is already bringing so much joy to our family. 

I also am blessed with the experience to know that this will pass before I know it... maybe even before I get around to posting this Seriously