Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Escape Artist

I seriously have had this exact same high chair since Natasha was a baby.  We got it in Pittsburgh from  an add out of the Penny Saver.  Tamsyn and Trey used it in Singapore and then it made its way to Washington.  
Four babies and I don't know how many meals -- but Dantley is the first to do this!

I cannot turn my back on him when he is in that thing.  He thinks it is a stage or something.  We have caught him several times up there like he is surfing a killer wave.  Instead of putting him in there with a few cheerios to snack on while I make dinner I have to let him roam free underfoot.  

He climbs out of the belts in shopping carts too!  I am just glad he hasn't figured out how to escape from his car seat quite yet.