Monday, January 31, 2011

Seriously - Splash goes the Phone

Having my phone fly out of my pocket and into the (thankfully clean) toilet, the same day that Jake was on a plane headed out of town for 4 days ... lead to a not so fun afternoon at my new least favorite kind of store.  I never realized cell phone stores were so insanely busy that you have to check in when you walk in the door!  Then they tell me to feel free to browse while I wait.  What!?  Do you think I feel like browsing while lugging around a car seat and two other kids?  Not really --- we just parked ourselves in the seemingly least conspicuous place and waited... caught a few dirty looks.. and waited some more.  

There were no seats anywhere, so the kids made themselves a little bit too comfortable on the floor.
A half an hour or so later ---

GRRRRR!  Seriously people! Do you think I get a kick out of dragging 3 tired and cranky kids out in public!?  Yep... it is likely that I dropped my phone in the toilet on purpose just so I could annoy you and get glares from snooty business people during their lunch hour!  Next time I will make sure to pinch the baby so he can scream the entire time too!

At least the associate helping me recognized the panic in my eyes and gave me the information I needed from my-account-without-my-name-on-it, so I could hook up an old phone to use.

SO - Despite the fact that I am back to using an ancient piecer phone that is too bulky to fit into my pocket, I feel a bit better after having had this chance to rant about the insensitive Rude-holes that must think they are helping stop overpopulation by being mean to mom's with more than one child in tow.
ahhhh deep breath

Monday, January 24, 2011

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