Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Trees are Just as Awesome With Only the Top Half Decorated

The bright side? 
Packages were easier to open Christmas morning and 
when we get around to taking the tree down
 half of the work will already be done! 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tired Eyes

If you have seen me in the past few days and I look a little tired -- this might explain it.

As gross as the ingredients already are in mascara -- I still wasn't up to wearing it after it had been used to stir the toilet with.    It was a brand new bottle too!

I guess I can see more than a slight resemblance 

Anyway if going without mascara isn't what is making me look tired... 
then these sketches should explain it...

13 months and he is already hitting the terrible two's!
Climbing, jumping, biting, pulling hair, dumping things everywhere, tearing pages and pinching.  Mascara or not - I think I am going to look tired for the next few years.

On the bright side -- researching for this post I did find out that the myth I had believed since I was a teenager about mascara having bat guano in it is false -- It doesn't have bat poop -- only fish scales.
That's much better - right?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Giving

We were fortunate enough to go to my parents house to spend Thanksgiving and got to see all of my siblings and their families too.  We made sure to bring something to share with everyone...

It all started with Dantley throwing up for the first two days of our visit -- and then without even meaning to be so generous he gave it to a few more people and they continued to spread the love.

Luckily it was a short lived bug and there were a few lucky ones who didn't catch it.  

Hopefully if we get to go back again next year we can just bring some pies to share.