Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Trees are Just as Awesome With Only the Top Half Decorated

The bright side? 
Packages were easier to open Christmas morning and 
when we get around to taking the tree down
 half of the work will already be done! 


debi said...

Back in the days of the 'play pen', my mom would put the tree in the playpen, and us on the floor! :)

Rachael said...

Oh, Christmas trees with kids!! Our tree was decorated by the kids, so they just kept rearranging them. A homely look, but they were happy!!

It's also the reason that we never put presents out until Christmas Eve. Some habits are hard to break... :)

Zappe Family said...

You saw our tree. :) It's just like yours. And...no presents until Christmas Eve either. :) Oh...and now he's figured out our door handles too, so we can't even keep him out of those "no-no" places.

Maja said...

That is exactly how our tree looked, minus the presents under. We couldn't bring those out until Christmas eve after Tyson went to bed.