Friday, October 30, 2009

Seriously - Magic Kingdom Mishaps


So... be wary of getting into a seat that is a little on the wet side.  (I pulled out a diaper and had Tamsyn hide behind a dark corner... but I am sure not everyone does :)

Roller Coaster

Potty Training in the Happiest Place on Earth

Never mistake one of these...
For one of these...

Is it just me or do moms spend a huge percentage of their time in amusement parks looking at these with squirming little kids?  Trey decided that he had to go every time one of the girls did, mind you he has not wanted anything to do with potty training up until that moment.  One of the times that I took him in to use the toilet his diaper was a bit wet, so I threw it away and thought I would get another diaper when we went back out. I had left my bag with the stroller and didn't have an extra diaper with me.  Needless to say, I forgot to put a diaper on him and later when we were waiting for a parade, he quietly went behind a bench.  It was too late before I realized what he was doing.... Luckily the load dropped right down his shorts leg and onto the ground, with minimal mess.... 
Don't worry I discreetly hid it in a paper towel and threw it in the trash.
More than most of you wanted to know I'm sure :)

Long Line  and Bus Ride Entertainment

Justin makes everything more fun.  We were glad to have his stories to make all the waiting more enjoyable.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seriously - Super Grandma!

Alyce was here for less than one week.

During that time she -- read the kids books, played hide-&-seek, baked cookies, painted 4 cat and ghost nesting dolls, 3 simple nativities, finished her Christmas cottage nesting doll, helped Jake paint and stain and screw together 12 advent nativities, blistered her fingers hot gluing clothes on little Mary and Joseph's, filled our freezer with pumpkin bread and muffins, sewed Trey and the neighbor boy super hero capes, played cards, went to a soccer game and an art show, babysat so Jake and I could have a weekend away, sewed the girls 3 skirts each, put embellishments on Tamsyn's shirt and made the extra fabric into little clothes for favorite stuffed animals, as well as kept a close eye on the kids during the day so I could focus on painting extra for my shows --- (and probably several other things I failed to mention)... 

WHEW! That list makes me exhausted just thinking about it --  I definitely think she earned her cape with a big SG on it :)  

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seriously - Not a Funny One

I had to draw this to help explain it ---

Last week after we dropped Justin off at the base, we headed home.  It was around 9:30pm and very dark.  We were driving along the interstate, when we came up behind what at first looked like a tanker.  When we got closer we realized it was a truck with a giant cylinder shaped tank of some kind strapped to a trailer.  While behind it a thought crossed my mind...
What if that big thing fell off?
Well, not even a minute later a gust of wind came up and the big black circle was moving toward us.  Jake slowed down quickly and I braced myself, because I didn't know where the thing was going to go, or what was going to happen with the cars behind us.  Luckily the traffic was minimal.   If it had been heavy, I don't know if an accident could have been avoided.  The tank came a ways toward us and made a grinding noise that sounded like heavy plastic or fiber glass against the pavement, then it started rolling into the other lane, and as soon as it did that Jake sped up and passed it (which was a smart move because if a following car hadn't seen it, they might have easily hit it, or us).  
Finally the tank rolled into the median and the truck pulled over.  I was very relieved that Jake had reacted well, and that we were safe.  I definitely felt like we were blessed.

There have been lots of times that I have been driving behind a load that looks a bit precarious, and I am sure I have wondered to myself before if the load might come loose.... pretty crazy to actually have it happen.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Seriously -I Wish I May I Wish I Might

The other evening we were at the park playing one of our family favorite games -- Ball Tag. Whoever is IT chases everyone else through and around the playground equipment and tries to hit them with the ball.   Tamsyn was IT when she suddenly stopped in her tracks and stared at the sky...

We finished our game as it was getting darker, and headed home.  On the way I asked her what she wished for.  Her response was... "I can't remember, a monkey or a dog.  But, daddy told me I couldn't have a monkey, so maybe a dog."  

I guess I have a better chance of getting a monkey :)