Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seriously - Super Grandma!

Alyce was here for less than one week.

During that time she -- read the kids books, played hide-&-seek, baked cookies, painted 4 cat and ghost nesting dolls, 3 simple nativities, finished her Christmas cottage nesting doll, helped Jake paint and stain and screw together 12 advent nativities, blistered her fingers hot gluing clothes on little Mary and Joseph's, filled our freezer with pumpkin bread and muffins, sewed Trey and the neighbor boy super hero capes, played cards, went to a soccer game and an art show, babysat so Jake and I could have a weekend away, sewed the girls 3 skirts each, put embellishments on Tamsyn's shirt and made the extra fabric into little clothes for favorite stuffed animals, as well as kept a close eye on the kids during the day so I could focus on painting extra for my shows --- (and probably several other things I failed to mention)... 

WHEW! That list makes me exhausted just thinking about it --  I definitely think she earned her cape with a big SG on it :)  

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