Friday, October 30, 2009

Seriously - Magic Kingdom Mishaps


So... be wary of getting into a seat that is a little on the wet side.  (I pulled out a diaper and had Tamsyn hide behind a dark corner... but I am sure not everyone does :)

Roller Coaster

Potty Training in the Happiest Place on Earth

Never mistake one of these...
For one of these...

Is it just me or do moms spend a huge percentage of their time in amusement parks looking at these with squirming little kids?  Trey decided that he had to go every time one of the girls did, mind you he has not wanted anything to do with potty training up until that moment.  One of the times that I took him in to use the toilet his diaper was a bit wet, so I threw it away and thought I would get another diaper when we went back out. I had left my bag with the stroller and didn't have an extra diaper with me.  Needless to say, I forgot to put a diaper on him and later when we were waiting for a parade, he quietly went behind a bench.  It was too late before I realized what he was doing.... Luckily the load dropped right down his shorts leg and onto the ground, with minimal mess.... 
Don't worry I discreetly hid it in a paper towel and threw it in the trash.
More than most of you wanted to know I'm sure :)

Long Line  and Bus Ride Entertainment

Justin makes everything more fun.  We were glad to have his stories to make all the waiting more enjoyable.

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