Friday, March 25, 2011

Broken Hands Suck!

Especially if the broken hand is the one you use to hold the baby, butter toast, cut vegetables, brush your daughter's hair, not to mention your own hair and your teeth, zip zippers, draw, paint and wipe with.  Seriously -- Hope my bone heals quickly!

Drawing of me with a busted hand done by me with pen wedged into my splint and my undertrained left hand.  This could be an interesting month.

Monday, March 7, 2011


You might remember that in January of 2009 I posted the following... 

Sometimes I wonder why we bother...
Then I notice at least one child is listening... maybe the other two will when they get older.
Well, our family scripture study is never very peaceful, but last night felt even more crazy to me than normal.  Once again I became a human jungle gym... Somehow the cat slept through the chaos on my lap, as Trey climbed up and down, and up and down on my shoulders.  Tamsyn fought for space on my lap too, and kept singing "to help Scotty sleep" as she pet him. 

At least Natasha and Jake got something out of it, because I know I didn't hear much more than Jake stopping to ask Tamsyn to quit singing. 

Well last night this happened...

Tamsyn had Dantley in a fit of giggling, and though it was almost impossible to pay attention to what we were reading the laughter was too cute to get annoyed at, so Natasha and I continued reading anyway.  Supposedly Tamsyn can multitask and listen at the same time she plays with her baby brother...  That is what she claims anyway.  

I have to wonder if in two years we have made any progress?  And one thing comes to my mind... at least I am a bit more patient with the chaos.