Thursday, October 28, 2010

Seriously - Pregnancy's Little Trick

I think the last few weeks of pregnancy are really a mean little trick into convincing a soon to be mom that anything would be better than the present condition.... I mean really -- what else could make a woman look forward to the torture of labor and delivery and make her blind to the fact that taking care of a baby on the outside will be much more difficult than having him on the inside?

I am at that point -- my body is so sick and tired of being pregnant, that child birth doesn't seem so terrible and sleepless nights with a crying baby almost sound pleasant.

Here are a few reasons why --

1- Heartburn, acid, pressure and breathing discomfort
2- Not being able to put on my tennis shoes without extreme stretching to the point of pain and resolving to wear flip flops whenever possible. (I must add that trying to put on nylons may be 5 times worse... and getting shin guards and cleats on little feet is not so much of a party either).
3- Always having something-or-other making itself at home on my protruding belly

4- My kids have always seemed to think that I am a human jungle gym... but it is much worse now that I look like a bouncy house too... ouch!

5 - Having to waddle like a duck -- especially after sitting still in one position for a long period of time.... it gives you a whole new understanding of Newton's Laws of motion... once in motion it is easier to stay at motion... but an object at rest would prefer to stay that way.

6 - And though one of my favorite animals is a tiger... and I have always been fascinated by the beauty of a zebra's stripes.... somehow the eerily similar patterns of stretch marks just don't add the same type of natural beauty to my abdomen as they do in the wild.
And on top of all these (along with many others that I am sure I left off the list) there are the relentless Braxton Hicks (and why in the heck are they named that anyway?) contractions playing with your mind, an overall tired, grumpy and downright uncomfortable feeling of hugeness that just starts to eat at you....
So --- bring on the next stage of fun already please!

And just FYI -- I had a Doctor's appointment today and she stripped my membranes.... so hopefully it will be soon.