Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seriously - I hope this ends soon

Trey's newest phase that is making me go grayer and Jake lose what little bit
of hair he has left --

He seriously has to be FIRST at everything. He says things like "let me win" and if he isn't first at something he makes us walk back to the beginning so we can start over and he can be first. We have had to walk back up the street, get back in the car, go back in the house and back out again all to avoid his huge tantrums.

We are finally starting to realize if we negotiate early, he sometimes will allow his sisters to have a turn being first at things, but if we don't plan ahead it is an all out battle. I want him to be competitive and have a desire to be his best -- but, hopefully he'll learn sooner than later that being the "first" to do something or get somewhere, doesn't make you the best, and that every detail of the day isn't a contest to be won.

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