Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seriously - Why I don't like to take my kids with me for my pregnancy check up


Last week I ended up taking Tamsyn and Trey with me to the doctor (I am now 17 weeks along for anyone who wonders). Jake had a call right when my appointment was scheduled, but promised to head over as soon as it was over. I figured the office would be running behind, so he would make it in plenty of time.

Well, things went faster than I expected... which of course, made things very interesting.

The urine sample wasn't near as bad as the room they put us in to wait for the doctor. Seriously, they both asked questions for 10 minutes straight.... Finally Jake arrived and took them outside for walk.

Here are some snippets of my conversation with these two little inquisitive people.

"Mom, did Trey come out the way that picture shows?"
"Did I come out like that?"
"Well, this baby better not get too big, or it won't fit!"

"Is that water all around the baby?"

"What is that gross thing (referring to the drawing of the afterbirth)... it looks like a brain"

I tried to keep them focused on the pictures of how the baby grows... but wasn't too successful.

Tamsyn wanted to know what every single picture was. When I told her I didn't know for sure on some of them (for lack of a better answer)...
She said.."Well there are words mom, why don't you just read it!"

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