Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seriousy (This is Where it all Began)

Alright, I know this 5 minute sketch isn't studio quality, but since I didn't have a camera on me... it is the best way for me to help you truly understand our experience last night.

Jake set up an appointment for us to meet with a financial planner (I think that is what it was???) I am terrible I know, I should be paying close attention instead of yawning, but all the words coming out sound like "blah blah blah...bueller...blah"  and monotone too.  I just couldn't get into it.  Not to mention the kids were running wild.  Seriously, Trey was swinging like a monkey on the bottom of the white board and then running around the table.  He even stepped on the off switch to the computer monitor once.  

There was a giant stuffed gorilla in the lobby that ended up in our conference room.  The purpose was for it to help keep the kids entertained... instead it turned all of their hands fuzzy and black and got them all riled up.  Tamsyn sat on its lap and sang about how she loved it and how it had rescued her ... not in a quiet voice either.  I had to ask her to PLEASE stop kissing it on the nose because it was really making me feel a bit queasy --- Yuck! (Other people's stuffed animals have always grossed me out a bit).  

Natasha spent a lot of the time under and around the table poking her head out and itching to jump on the gorilla after we had asked her not to.

It was a zoo... but I had to fight sleep.  I know that sounds crazy, but the guy was killing me... I don't think the pitch or intonation of his voice changed  EVER.  If the kids weren't keeping me on my toes I might have dozed off.  I do have to tip my hat to the guy though, with all the chaos around him... he just kept right on plugging along, never even got flustered.   It was like the sketch but with constant motion and kid's voices buzzing... Whew,  makes me tired just thinking about it!

Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate Jake's intentions.  It is smart to plan for retirement and have someone other than yourself look at your finances.  BUT, next time I think I will just trust that he will brief me on what I need to know and stay home with the kids.

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