Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seriously - Jungle Run

Part of our daily routine (unless it is raining too hard) is to load the 2 munchkins in the double jogger and then walk Natasha to school.  After dropping her off at school, we head out for our morning run.
There is a pretty nice dirt path through the trees that we usually take... Imagine tall trees all along the sides, and it looks something like this --
BUT -- this is what it looks like to Tamsyn and Trey --

The puddles are crocodiles, the sticks -- snakes, the pine cones --mice and the stones --bugs.  When we hit a crocodile, it usually gets mad and starts chasing us.... it always helps me run faster ;).

This last picture is titled "The Drunk Slug."

We would like to dedicate it to grandpa Bill.... and here is why:  Not long ago, grandpa came for a visit.  Every time he went out for a walk (the man can't sit still), he came back with aluminum cans that he found along the way.  Sometimes he took the kids with him, and got them in on the fun.  Well-- ever since he left, the collection he started in our garage has continued to grow. One morning walking to school the girls found 11 cans!  Most days we find a few, and the only thing that is slightly annoying is when there are a whole bunch in a row and Tamsyn makes me stop mid run to pick them up.   One day we found 4 or 5 beer cans along the trail, pretty evenly spaced apart.  I thought maybe someone was trying to leave a trail to find their way home... anyway, when I picked one up there was a little brew left in the can so I dumped it out only to find our little drunken friend in the above picture.

Both Jake and I remember collecting cans to save money for family trips when we were kids, so we kind of enjoy that the kids are now doing it too.  Thanks Grandpa Bill :)

Just want to add this so I remember it -- On Monday Tamsyn had a plum for her snack during my run (she would 3 a day if I let her).  She was carefully eating shapes out of the skin and holding it up for me to guess what letter she was making.  She started with a "V"  changed it to a "U" then made it into and "O".  After that she ate a "T" out of the other side and said "I'm done making letters now.  There is no more room."   Nothing better than a healthy snack and practicing letters, while mom is also getting a work out in :) 

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