Friday, May 13, 2011

Seriously - Let Them Eat Cake! A 4 Year Old's Perspective

For my sister and her cute and spunky little 4 year old, Justee Rose.

Totally embarrassed that her mom followed her and caught her asking the neighbors if she could move in she ran and hid her face in mommy's shoulder.

She didn't much want to talk about the subject anymore.... but did come to this conclusion ---

This really happened.  It blows my mind that she slept on it and still was determined to go out in search of a new family the next day.  All I can say is -- Four year olds are AWESOME!  You never know what they might do over a piece of cake.


Zappe Family said...

What a riot! Loved that one.

Melissa said...

I remember when I said I was going to run away, my mom helped me pack. I felt so guilty I couldn't go through with it :) What a funny story and love that you captured it in drawings!!

Danielle Weathers said...

Hilarious! Love the pictures!

debi said...

This describes the essense of why I LOVE preschool! 4 year olds are the most unique little souls on the planet! Great drawings girl. Your gifts astound.